The Limerick Privilege Partnership

Written by Paul Moriarty. Posted in News

The Limerick Privilege Discount Scheme is a collaboration between the Limerick Volunteer Centre, the Limerick Leader, Limerick's Live 95fm and Limerick City & County Council.

Limerick Volunteer Centre is a one stop shop for volunteering in Limerick. Working with not-for-profit organisations who wish to engage volunteers and people interested in volunteering. We essentially "match make" between both parties!

Volunteers use our service to find out about volunteering opportunities in their local area while organisations advertise their vacancies through our national volunteering database IVOL. They can also avail of our training and Garda Vetting services.

 At Limerick Volunteer Centre, we know that volunteers are the backbone of our communities and deserve to be rewarded. The Limerick Privilege is our way of recognising the essential voluntary work that is been undertaken by extraordinary people in every Limerick town, street and village.


LimerickLeaderThe Limerick Leader has served the people of Limerick for more than 120 years. The first edition of the Leader hit the streets on Friday August 9, 1889 and it has been living up to its name ever since, with a cherished reputation as the local paper of record.

The newspaper has always been at the heart of community life, with unrivalled coverage of local news and sport, breaking exclusives and providing in-depth coverage of the latest Limerick news.

The Limerick Leader is proud to be a partner of the Limerick Privilege Scheme which rewards the fantastic work of volunteers. 


l95fmLimerick's Live 95FM is the local radio station for Limerick City and County and its entire focus is on serving the needs and reflecting the concerns and interests of the people of the area and their interaction with the wider Mid-West region.

Live 95FM is the most listened to radio station in Limerick.  Along with the listening public, Live 95FM serves a wide range of local and national advertisers who consistently return to the station with their business, because they find that their message is always effectively delivered to their customers.  Limerick's Live 95FM is delighted to be part of a scheme that celebrates the best people of Limerick

Limerick City and County Council is the authority responsible for local government in the City of Limerick and County Limerick.  
In October 2015,  the Limerick Privilege scheme was proposed by Cllr Francis Foley as chairman of the Community, Leisure and Emergency Services SPC. The Councillors unanimously endorsed the Limerick Privilege.  
Limerick City & County Council are delighted work with the local volunteer centre and the local media to recognise and award the citizens in its jurisdiction.