What is the Limerick Privilege?

If you volunteer in your local community, you are entitled to the Limerick Privilege! 


The Limerick Privilege is a discount card scheme where volunteers can avail of special offers in over 100 shops and businesses across Limerick!

The scheme is a partnership between Limerick Volunteer Centre, Limerick City and County Council, Limerick's Live 95 FM and The Limerick Leader.  

Limerick Volunteer Centre will be happy to issue discount cards to any non profit organisation as a reward their worthy volunteers.  

See how you can order discount cards!

The "Privilege" would not be possible but for the support of Limerick's most generous traders and we would like to thank them for their support to the community.


The Limerick Privilege is a win - win situation for volunteers, organisations, communities and businesses as well as Limerick's reputation. 

Let's take pride in it!


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